LaurenVital stats:
I have a BS degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in ‘Making Fake Ads.’ I also have a Master’s Degree from the same school in the same subject. Despite this, I’ve managed to make many real ads for many real clients over the past 13 years, and recently started my first business. When I’m not working, my interests include cooking, photography, sarcasm, and making things “purdy.” According to Wikipedia.org, I am 7.4 inches taller than the average American woman. I believe Wikipedia.org is a good source of information 62.8 percent of the time.

Mission statement:
I love design because it allows use of familiar tools to constantly arrive at new places. I approach each project with playful curiosity and a goal of continual improvement. I am committed to a life of learning, exploring and interacting with the world through my work. I seek to be authentic, insightful and socially responsible in my craft.

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